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The Power of ChatGPT


Just a couple of months ago, ChatGPT was introduced to the public. This artificial intelligence tool quickly became popular across the world. Users were impressed by its way to generate an essay and answer any question offered by people. This tool proved to be the future of technology. However, there were some worries with ChatGPT. There are some ethical issues that arise with students using ChatGPT for academic dishonesty, the threat of millions of jobs being lost to artificial intelligence, and concern over how data is being handled and utilized. 


Not even six months after its release, ChatGPT’s power cannot be underestimated.  Compared to user-produced responses which can range from a few hours to a few weeks, ChatGPT can complete the task within a few seconds. Not only are the responses quick, but they are also typically accurate. Its ability to help with a wide variety of tasks attracted 100 million active users. ChatGPT can write books, compose songs, and write research reports.  


Even Elon Musk and the CEO of Apple are calling for a temporary halt to the development of artificial intelligence due to the concerns it can impose on society. The app lacks commonsense reasoning, can occasionally display incorrect information, and can be manipulated for users to use it for their own advantage. The app has become popular in schools where students use ChatGPT to write essays, and answer questions to help them pass the class. ChatGPT has shown to increasingly rely on AI content rather than creativity and critical thinking. There are also concerns about the privacy concerns expressed by users about the app. There are concerns about how the AI-powered tool acquires information from the user and shares it with third parties. The app also collects users’ browsing activities between websites to spread it to third parties as well. On top of that, there are concerns over cybercriminals manipulating the app for their own personal gain. For instance, Italy enacted a temporary ban on ChatGPT due to privacy concerns over its citizens. Other European countries are proposing laws that would help regulate artificial intelligence.  


No matter what people think about ChatGPT, they cannot deny its power. ChatGPT is one of the most powerful forms of artificial intelligence. Like anything that has its advantages, ChatGPT definitely has its own disadvantages. To help curb ChatGPT’s problems, it is up for society to decide how they can solve the potential problems that can lurk with ChatGPT and to ensure the app is not being lured into cybercriminal activity and for personal gain.  


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