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The Rising Threat of A.I.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, society mainly saw AI as a way to improve their life. Such forms of AI that facilitated people’s lives were textbots, digital assistants, and facial recognition. However, with the introduction of tools like ChatGPT, people worry about artificial intelligence’s ability to outsmart humanity. This has sparked numerous conversations about the potential dangers AI can produce.

Many experts in the AI field have issued warnings about the threats artificial intelligence can pose to humanity. Even the founder of Chat-GPT expressed similar concerns as well. Thousands of researchers have called for a six month pause on artificial intelligence. Experts have even compared the threat to the pandemic and even nuclear war. There are concerns about the misinformation of artificial intelligence with deep fakes. Authoritarian regimes can use AI as a weapon of censorship for spying on its citizens to maintain their regime, possibly strengthening it. Additionally, AI could be used for the wrong purposes in hopes of destroying others with the creation of destructive weapons.

However, there are some who believe the chances of these risks happening are relatively low. Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang called for the progression of AI as it will help society significantly. There are many government officials calling for the increasing regulation of AI to help curb the threats.

AI has been a concern for many people, even those who helped create the system. The concern over AI has been on the rise in recent days. While there are some who desire for the progression of AI and others who want a moratorium, the risks of AI must be carefully examined.

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