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                                      ALDI’S AI Shift 


       With about 1 in 3 Americans going to Aldi to shop for groceries, this company has become a household name across the country. Aldi is particularly known for allowing customers to use carts only if they have a quarter. However, with the wake of AI, Aldi has been in the news recently for concerns over using AI to replace cashiers.

       With AI becoming more prevalent in everyone’s daily lives, AI is starting to become more widespread in Aldi. The new innovative technology ALDIgo, which has first been introduced to the suburban area of Chicago’s ALDI has been reported to have ceiling mounted scanners and computer vision cameras that help the technology record everything that has been processed and added to the cart. For customers to use this technology, they download the Grabango app to pay through a QR Code. This app accepts several forms of payment like Google Pay and Apple Pay. This technology was primarily designed to shorten customers’ waiting times in line for purchasing and to help facilitate their shopping experience at Aldi. ALDIgo will help eliminate the need for cashiers, shopping scanners, and long checkout lines- which all can serve as major advantages for customers. While there have been concerns over this innovative artificial intelligence technology in putting cashiers’ jobs at risk,  it is important to note that a spokesman has clarified that shoppers will still have the option to shop using the traditional shopping methods with cashiers involved. 

Aldi Sales Shelves Fruit and Fruits


        Aldi’s innovative shift through technology with the use of AI represents an ongoing trend with many businesses that are further implementing AI in their daily business practices. While ALDIgo has been introduced in the Chicago area, there is no clear indication if ALDIgo would expand to other areas of America. Only time will tell on how far ALDIgo would expand to its other ALDI stores based on the new technology’s success.


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