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Apple has revolutionized the way people use their technology and has impacted several millions of people’s lives across the world. With Apple making waves in 2017 for launching a phone without a home button to offering a different camera size for the iPhone XR, Apple has continuously made waves for their unique developments. Now, Apple is making their first foldable phone. However, there are some potential challenges that will come along when developing this foldable device in regards to design and time.



Report: Apple actively developing foldable clamshell iPhone prototypes, folding 8-inch iPad - 9to5Mac

Apple is predicted to launch their foldable phones into the market by around 2025-2026. To create a foldable phone, Apple needs to make the device as thin as the current iPhones in the market. Additionally, battery size is another issue of concern as foldable phones usually face some drawbacks when it comes to battery capacity. Engineers have struggled to find a compatible way to make foldable phones work. Apple is currently testing different sizes for the foldable phone. Most importantly, Apple is letting the foldable phone market mature more before launching their own foldable iPhone. Apple makes this move to try maximizing their device’s benefits to give themselves an edge during competition. Although Samsung has already launched their own foldable phone, there are some concerns about excessive dust, inefficient hinges, and fragility.



It is highly anticipated that Apple will launch their own foldable iPhone within the next few years. Obviously, there exist some issues with the use of a foldable phone as concerns about design and size remain prevalent. Creating a foldable phone is an unprecedented move that can potentially revolutionize phones. Nevertheless, Apple has a long way to go in enhancing their foldable iPhone as they need to ensure the size and convenience fits well for the consumer audience. Apple has made a smart move in waiting to release this unique device as a way to test how far and beneficial they can tailor their product to the general public. 


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