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Technology outages have been circulating in the news for the past few months of 2024. McDonalds faced their own tech outage that impacted people in Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia where restaurants temporarily closed due to technology issues. On the other hand, AT&T had somewhat of a similar issue where thousands of people across America were left with no cell service for several hours. Recently, AT&T makes headlines for a data security breach that has impacted seventy million people.

Among the people impacted by the data breach, approximately seven million users were current AT&T users while around sixty-five million people were former users of AT&T. Social security numbers were among the personal information that was stolen by hackers during the data breach. For current impacted AT&T customers, the company has reset users’ passcodes. Luckily, the compromised data does not include anything related to financial transactions or users’ history of phone calls. However, some of the data stolen contained encrypted passwords that could easily be decoded. To add on, the compromised data may have been of phone numbers, birthdates, and email/mailing addresses. In response to the incident, AT&T has launched an investigation led by external and internal cybersecurity experts to examine the incident. AT&T has also stated that they will be communicating with people whose accounts were impacted by the data breach. 


2024 has shown how often tech outages can occur- especially with big companies. Cybersecurity has become a more prominent issue with the technology outages that have been happening around the world. The more tech-related incidents that have happened demonstrate an increased focus to cybersecurity as a way to help determine the cause of these incidents and how to ensure such events do not happen in the future.  


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