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MS Dhoni. Captain. Leader. Legend.

MS Dhoni “And MS Dhoni finishes it off in style!” Who knew that this commentary by Ravi Shastri would echo in the ears of cricket fans worldwide until today, over 13 years after India won their last ICC Cricket World Cup? With no better man to hit the winning runs, MS Dhoni, India’s only captain […]

Unveiling the Future of Formula 1: A Deep Dive into the 2026 F1 Regulations

Unveiling the Future of Formula 1: A Deep Dive into the 2026 F1 Regulations. As the world of motorsport continues to hurtle towards the future, Formula 1 isn’t left behind by any stretch. The year 2026 marks a significant milestone in the sport’s history with the introduction of groundbreaking regulations aimed at enhancing competition, sustainability, […]

College football league structure

College football league structure In the United States, there are many sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB, the highest-grossing leagues in the world, and college football is just as popular and generates huge revenues as those leagues. We will explore why college football, an amateur league, is so popular in the United […]

Michael Jordan- the athlete with the highest lifetime earnings in the world

Athlete with the highest lifetime earnings: Michael Jordan Michel Jordan Athletes are paid large salaries while their performances attract and inspire admiration. Top athletes also continue to earn much money after they retire from competition through corporate sponsorships and partnerships. Who is the highest-paid athlete in the world? It is NBA legend Michael Jordan, the […]

SHOOT IT- Four simple steps in boosting your confidence in sports

STEP 1; BREATHE IN Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out. I probably think you have heard this 100 times by your dad or grandmother before attending or participating an intensified moment and somewhat didn’t really help but in this scenario it definitely does the trick. It has been seen through numerous experiment conductions […]

Japanese Traditional Martial Arts

Japanese Traditional Martial Arts There are nine main traditional martial arts in Japan. Several of them are now popular and developed as competitions in the world. 1. Kendo In feudal Japan, there were samurai. They used Japanese swords to participate in battles and to maintain security in the city. It is believed that kendo began […]

The Evolution of Formula 1 Cars in the 21st Century

The Evolution of Formula 1 Cars in the 21st Century Since its inception in mid 20th century, Formula 1 has been at the forefront of automotive engineering and technological advancements. With each passing decade, the sport has witnessed incredible leaps in car design, from 6-wheeled cars to dual rear wings, pushing the boundaries of speed, […]

“Lord” Rinku

IPL 2023: “Lord” Rinku plays stunning knock Image of cricketer Rinku Singh (Crictoday, 2023) 28 needed from 5 balls. An equation that any cricket fan will tell you is close to impossible. On strike, Rinku Singh. A fun, lovable, hardworking guy, your typical smalltown hero. Rinku had been in no form in this match, unable […]

F1 Testing

Formula 1 is back! Aston Martin AMR23 in the Shakedown (Planet F1, 2023) Every season, Formula 1 testing is a much-awaited occasion. After waiting for the entirety of the end-of-year break, millions of fans from all over the world finally see the new cars with their brand-new liveries on track. It is truly commendable to […]