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The Boundless Horizons of 3D Printing in Engineering

The Boundless Horizons of 3D Printing in Engineering In the last few decades, 3D printing has emerged as a revolutionary force in the field of engineering, challenging traditional manufacturing methods and opening up new possibilities across various industries. From aerospace to healthcare, the applications of 3D printing seem almost boundless, promising to reshape the way […]

AT&T’s Data Breach

INTRODUCTION Technology outages have been circulating in the news for the past few months of 2024. McDonalds faced their own tech outage that impacted people in Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia where restaurants temporarily closed due to technology issues. On the other hand, AT&T had somewhat of a similar issue where thousands of people across […]

Data Privacy Laws and their impact on International Business Operations

In the digital age, data is often referred to as the new oil, driving decisions, innovations, and customer engagements in businesses worldwide. However, as cliche as it is, with great power does come great responsibility, particularly regarding personal data privacy. As businesses expand globally, they must navigate a complex web of data privacy laws that […]

McDonald’s Global Technology Outage

  INTRODUCTION McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast-food chains on Earth, made headlines in recent days due to its technology issues worldwide. Recently, Apple faced a similar issue where thousands of people in the U.S. were left with no cell service for several hours. Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom were the major countries impacted […]

The Interesting Case of Facial Recognition in Vending Machines

The Interesting Case of Facial Recognition in Vending Machines INTRODUCTION The introduction of the widespread use of technology has no doubt made a significant difference in facilitating millions of people’s daily activities. However, there have been greater concerns in regards to security and privacy as some people express concerns on how their data can be […]


              WHY ARE TECH LAYOFFS HAPPENING?   INTRODUCTION With the technology sector continuingly growing, several people are being laid off from their tech jobs. Twitch has cut 35% of its staff, which is around 500 employees. Google and Amazon have laid off hundreds of employees already. The massive layoffs have […]

Apple’s Foldable iPhone…

                                       INTRODUCTION Apple has revolutionized the way people use their technology and has impacted several millions of people’s lives across the world. With Apple making waves in 2017 for launching a phone without a home button to […]

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The Unmatched Power of AI-Driven Chatbots

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: The Unmatched Power of AI-Driven Chatbots As the 21st century progresses, it becomes clearer everyday that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nothing short of revolutionary, fundamentally altering almost every industry, from healthcare to entertainment. It has also dramatically reshaped the landscape of customer service, introducing automated solutions that enhance efficiency, personalize interactions, and […]

Public Phone Charging Stations: Safe or Dangerous?

Public Phone Charging Stations: Safe or Dangerous?   INTRODUCTION In airports and malls, public phone charging stations are a popular feature that allows people to charge their phone in a more convenient way without having to do this elsewhere. However, these public stations have faced criticism in recent years- especially in regards to cybersecurity. In […]

Tech Forecast for 2024

The Tech Forecast for 2024
With January not even finished, many technology experts have already made bold predictions for the technological advancements that will occur in 2024. The prior years saw the introduction and widespread use of ChatGPT and AI generated content with increased concerns for user privacy. Let’s explore the predictions for technology for this year.

AI Will Be More Influential Than Ever
With AI quickly becoming dominant in business impact, some experts predict a continuation of this trend as there will be several AI apps set to open to app stores for 2024 as almost one-hundred million users were using AI apps in America in 2023. Along with that, AI videos are set to be created that utilize generated text from the user to create instant videos tailored to the users’ desires. AI may also be increased in its use to ensure equity when conducting layoffs and hiring candidates through reducing algorithmic bias. With the EU set to enact its AI legislation this year, 2024 will see how effective their landmark AI legislation would be.

The Rise of Small Language Models
With AI leaving a big carbon footprint on the environment, small language models possess an advantage in promoting sustainability and expense costs. Additionally, small language models have lesser requirements to fully function and have faster speeds. Small Language Models share an advantage in the fields of finance and entertainment as these custom language algorithms enhance business value that help tailor to one’s specific needs. The unique qualities of Small Language Models can prove to be attractive for businesses in 2024, potentially raising its use.

Combating Cybercrime While Enhancing Cybersecurity
In addition to the expected notable advancements in AI, cybersecurity will face a test among the community. The anticipated number of hacks is expected to grow with the proliferation of AI. In fact, cybersecurity is expected to cost almost $10 Trillion for this year alone. With many businesses moving forward to enhancing their security, password authentication is expected to increase and passkey technology would further be embraced by companies as this type of technology allows users to use their fingerprints or a simple code to get through an app. Companies are expected to face more accountability if breaches occur as additional attempts by government organizations will further investigate businesses to evaluate if there was a lack of responsibility.
All in all, 2024 will continue to see AI enhancing its impact on hundreds of millions of people around the world as users would deal with widespread AI tools that seek to enhance mobile apps. Small Language Models can gain further traction with their advantage in sustainability and cheaper costs. Furthermore, cybercrime is predicted to intensify while many companies and governments are realizing the importance of cybersecurity.