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MS Dhoni

“And MS Dhoni finishes it off in style!”

Who knew that this commentary by Ravi Shastri would echo in the ears of cricket fans worldwide until today, over 13 years after India won their last ICC Cricket World Cup? With no better man to hit the winning runs, MS Dhoni, India’s only captain to have won every major ICC tournament possible during his career, saw his name etched in the hearts of cricket fans. 

Now, the 42-year-old veteran, living the twilight of his cricketing career, is responsible for stadium atmospheres, which have been described as incomparable every time he comes out to bat for his IPL franchise, the Chennai Super Kings. So much so that in a few matches where the team lost, the crowd celebrated simply because they saw the infamous “Thala”. Dhoni’s importance to his fans transcends the sport. After all, it is not every day that an athlete from Ranchi earns himself one of the most well-respected titles of leader in a city almost 1750 kilometers away. 

Dhoni’s cool and calm demeanor and adept knowledge of the game help to make him one of the greatest tactical masterminds to have ever stepped on the cricket pitch. His prolific captaincy is so good that it manages to completely overshadow his legacy as a batsman, which for someone with an average of above 50 in ODIs over a career spanning 350 international matches and almost 11000 runs is insane to think of. Complimenting this is his wicket-keeping. Known to be one of the best wicket-keepers in the game’s history, Dhoni serves as an icon to all budding wicket-keepers despite his unorthodox keeping technique. 

Despite all of his fame and accolades, Dhoni’s personality and how he comes across to his fans are responsible for his fame and popularity. His calm, quiet presence, highlighted by his always having youngsters lift any trophy, and his down-to-earth attitude makes him a very likeable figure. 

MS Dhoni came from a part of India that was never known to be prolific in the world of sports. And over his long and storied career, he managed to touch the hearts of fans, commentators, teammates and even his opponents.

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