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India’s Most Ambitious Goal: Expanding Healthcare Coverage to 1.4 Billion People



         The rise of technology has not only impacted the West, but it has also impacted many other areas around the world- especially India. India is expanding its healthcare access for its population of 1.4 billion people across the country. This healthcare program comes from Narendra Modi’s proposal in 2018. The “Ayushman Bharat” program aims to provide universal health care coverage to India’s population. The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission aims to develop a digital platform that would provide universal health care coverage. ABDM’s mission is to make a digital healthcare system that seeks to bridge the gap between disadvantaged people and create digital healthcare systems that would be able to fulfil the needs of billions of people in a convenient manner. In fact, this mission has already integrated hundreds of health programs and applications to its digital infrastructure mission. Their central focus on providing decent healthcare to its citizens, facilitating users’ access to healthcare services, and improving the security of patients’ records can serve as a game changer for India’s healthcare system. If this plan becomes successful, India’s healthcare system would serve as a role model for many countries to follow as the cost of healthcare is relatively expensive in places like The United States of America. This digital mission will bring together many of the most skilled people in technology to fulfil Narendra Modi’s initiative. This project seeks collaboration with people from the government, healthcare facilities, tech companies, and organizations to fulfil their goal.








       One similar program, eSanjeevani, has gained headlines for its success in delivering results for patients. Launched in 2019, eSanjeevani connects a patient to a healthcare provider. This program has impacted hundreds of millions of patients, and connected hundreds of thousands of doctors for their services. This telemedicine’s service that is free in India serves as a blueprint for India’s most ambitious healthcare proposal from Modi’s government.


      As the Ayushman Bharat’s Program is still in works, there is no doubt that this universal healthcare initiative would significantly impact India’s healthcare industry. This ambitious proposal can improve citizens’ healthcare dramatically or could cause havoc in the industry(although the chances of harm seem extremely unlikely). Narendra Modi’s healthcare plan serves as a test for the digital world to fulfil its expectations of not letting the world down. Providing universal health care to 1.4 Billion People is something that cannot be underestimated. How far can this program go in improving citizens’ access to healthcare and how would this impact other countries outlook on healthcare would simply be in time’s hands.



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