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                    Instagram’s New Text-Based App



      There’s no doubt that social media has turned into a vital aspect for billions of people around the world. From athletes to actors to politicians to singers to content creators who want to form a base for their selves, social media has turned into an economic, social, and political powerhouse. Facebook has over two billion users, Instagram has two billion users, and TikTok has around one billion users. However, these platforms are competing with each other to expand their audience. In recent years, companies like Meta have launched other social media apps to maintain and grow their base.


      In recent months, Instagram has decided to construct a text-based app to rival Twitter. The project for constructing this app has been nicknamed ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Project 92’. This new app will allow users to view content shared by followers, including texts. Currently, Meta is testing their app by having celebrities and influencers in the experiments. Users will be able to text videos that are up to five minutes long. The app shares many similarities with Twitter. Accounts one person carries on Instagram will carry over to the new app as well as their followers and blocked accounts. The app continues to enhance safety guidelines and ensure users feel safe with the new app. There will be a 500 character limit. Sources have stated the app could launch as soon as this month. Instagram seeks to diversify its content and attract more users in efforts to expand their demographics. In particular, they are looking to attract journalist sources like the New York Times to many other news sources. Additionally, this text-based app also seeks to target content creators, actors, actresses, athletes, influencers, singers and many other celebrities. The app would recommend users to more content creators in hopes of enhancing their profile. This news comes in wake of Twitter’s recent conflicts as the social media platform has been hit with criticism after Elon Musk’s takeover of the app. Many users grew frustrated with the company suspending accounts and its new policy with user verification. Interestingly, Twitter’s revenue has dropped by more than thirty-percent in recent months.


      It is no secret that Instagram’s new app seeks to diversify their platform in hopes of connecting millions of more users. The new app would definitely have differences in comparison to Instagram but would still share some similarities. The only question is if the new app would live up to Meta’s expectations.


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