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IPL 2023: "Lord" Rinku plays stunning knock

Image of cricketer Rinku Singh (Crictoday, 2023)

28 needed from 5 balls. An equation that any cricket fan will tell you is close to impossible. On strike, Rinku Singh. A fun, lovable, hardworking guy, your typical smalltown hero. Rinku had been in no form in this match, unable to time the ball to his liking. Batting when his team needed him most against the Gujarat Titans, last year’s IPL champions. 

In the first ball he faced in the over, Rinku smashed Yash Dayal’s low full toss for 6, giving fans hope that the NRR would be less effective. Second ball, similar ball and the same result. ANOTHER 6. This seemed to be prooving commentator, Chris Morris right. 

Before the start of the over, commentator Nick Knight was quoted saying something along the lines of this over dictating how many runs KKR would lose by, to which Morris responded “Stranger things have happened”. Boy was he right. 

After the first 2 sixes, the equation was still no easier. 16 needed in 3. A combination of 2 sixes and a four were needed to take his side home. Fourth ball of the over and Dayal bowls yet another low full toss which is sent way over the boundary by this unlikely hero. 

What followed was hope. Suddenly every single cricket lover and KKR fan was hoping that Rinku would be the Knight Rider’s knight in shining armor. And that he was. 2 sixes to finish the game to cap off a match where he scored 5 sixes in a row to help his team beat the defending champions. And that is why sports cannot be scripted. 

Going from a comfortable position in the run chase, to having the middle order demolished by Rashid Khan’s hat-trick to then seeing the game getting finished by a mighty Rinku Singh, the second innings in this match had it all. 

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