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McDonald’s, one of the biggest fast-food chains on Earth, made headlines in recent days due to its technology issues worldwide. Recently, Apple faced a similar issue where thousands of people in the U.S. were left with no cell service for several hours. Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom were the major countries impacted by the outage. 

McDonald's halts operations at stores in Japan due to system disruption

Several McDonalds stores in Japan paused receiving orders due to the technology issues. In response to the outage in Japan, Japan responded to the situation by claiming how the technology outage lasted for several hours before resuming back to normal. Other stores had to shut down service for customers due to the outage while other stores resorted to temporarily accepting only cash as a form of payment. Many people went to social media to complain about the McDonald’s incident.

McDonalds denied there was a cyber attack involved with the Chief Information Officer defending that the fast-food chain company prioritizes security. With the technology outage also spreading to Hong Kong, Hong Kong claimed the outage was caused by a failure on the computer systems that caused disruptions through self-order kiosks. McDonalds claimed the global tech outage was caused by a third-party provider’s involvement during the configuration change. In addition to McDonald’s response to the technology disruptions, the fast food corporation pointed to the use of artificial intelligence as a potential factor in causing the interruptions as the artificial intelligence software may cause inefficiencies with the results for the customers. This conflict comes in the midst of McDonald’s shift towards Google Cloud from servers as their technology provider; however, the company denied this shift caused the technology disruptions. 


There is no doubt that the global technology outage that occurred with McDonald’s shares similarities that happened with prior incidents involving Meta and Apple. Although cyberattacks were not identified as the primary cause, the issue was definitely intensified by changes occurring within its technology. Taking into account the prior incidents these corporations have faced with technology, it is imperative that companies pay close attention to its technology processes to ensure everything goes smoothly. 


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