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Meet Threads: Instagram’s New App that is SCARING Twitter

      In just a few hours of the app’s release, Threads has garnered over 5 million users. To use the app, users must have an Instagram account. The app shares similarities with its rival, Twitter. The way Twitter uses tweets are what are called Threads in this new app. While a tweet can only be 280 characters, a thread can go up to 500 characters. Additionally, a user can upload to ten images per post, five minutes of videos. To get users to be familiar with the app, Threads included a dictionary of terms that the app uses for the users to navigate.

     The launch of this new app comes in the wake of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter as his policies have garnered backlash from the public. Many celebrities have already started using the app.

     Like Twitter, Threads allows users to have public or private accounts. Inside a user’s profile includes a Threads tab and a Replies tab. This app is available on Apple & Android and is in over two dozen countries already. When users join the app, they can import their data from their Instagram accounts or create a new bio/profile. However, there are some features of the app which differ from other social media platforms. One cannot direct message people on the app also. One cannot edit their own posts, see their “following” feed, and cannot even see their own liked posts. For example. Threads does not use hashtags nor can users search for a particular phrase or text. There are concerns over the users’ privacy with this new app. Threads collects user information on their location, finances, and browsing history. Already gaining tens of millions of users in its first days of release, there will likely be more changes Threads would offer to their users. While the app shares some similarities with Twitter, the app has its own differences. Nonetheless, many people say that the app could be Twitter’ biggest rival.



What is Instagram’s Threads app? All your questions answered

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