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Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out. I probably think you have heard this 100 times by your dad or grandmother before attending or participating an intensified moment and somewhat didn’t really help but in this scenario it definitely does the trick. It has been seen through numerous experiment conductions that tense muscles, racing heart and overthinking are all symptoms of sport anxiety but the ability to breathe in, Breathe out actually helps with your abdominal breathing and hence plays a pivotal role within your nervous system which somewhat alleviate such symptoms and does the opposite knock on effect, no more symptoms you unconsciously tell your brain that everything is all right! Which will greatly improve your confidence before and during the game. For example a phenonemal swimmer Michael Phelps had already conducting breathing techniques at the age of 11, his mom would read to him breathing technique books before he went to sleep, hence his awe inspiring performances when his at the pool . For example Michael Phelps, an phenomenal swimmer, had taken the breathing technique to better his performance in swimming, at just the age of 11 he would read books which made his breathing techniques better. 

Step 2: Eat your vegetables

Choose the broccoli not the fries, choose the carrots and definitely not the ice cream. Having a regular intake of vegetables not only increases your exercise performance but also has a role in improving your mindset. Vegetables have an adequate amount of seratin within them. Seratonin is an hormone which plays a huge role in our mood. A group of scientists had conducted an survey in which they surveyed a group of adults on how they are. The ones that had an overconsumption of saturated fats such as cokes, chips and chocolates tended to be more depressed, anxious and contionously tired while those who had a diet rich in greens provided that they were mostly filled with life and happy. So yes greens play a major role in boosting your mindset which ultimately increase your confidence.

Step 3: Believe. Just Believe!

My grade 12 physics teacher once said “There is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance chaps, very fine line.” So yes exercise and hard work are contributors to success in any sport sectors and having a humble attitude is the fundamental aspects of the sport ethos but one cannot succeed without belief. Belief is the solution in increasing your confidence within sports. If you don’t believe, believe me no one else will. To break the chains of anxiety and instill the weapons and breakthrough of sucess in your confidence in sports, you just need to believe. That’s it, just believe 


Step 4: Do the work!

I too have suffered from this. I mean who likes discipline, who likes hard work. However hard work is key in not only success but also self assurance. Thomas Edison, the man who failed 10 000 times but got back up, once said there is no substitute for hard work. From great players such as Lionel Messi, Lebron James, Kylian Mbappe, their success, belief and confidence all sum up to hard work. The hardcore press ups everyday, the exhausting daunting laps after practice, all these players have placed extra effort in their distinctive sporting careers and hence their astonishing results and confidence as they play. Why do you think superb athletes such as Connor Mgreggor are so arrogant? It is a result of the assurance that comes from hard work and effort, that ultimately leads to confidence. 


I hope these four simple yet impactful steps will help you as you seek to gather more confidence in sports. These steps will definitely make you have no fear of fear and make you the most goated (Great of All Time) confident player. If they don’t, you are doing it wrong.

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