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The Google vs Canada Feud: What You Need To Know


      In recent days, the feud between Canada and Google has been making headlines recently. For mostly those who do not know about this conflict, many would be confused as to why these two are in conflict with each other. This comes as recently as Canada passed the Online News Act. This law would force tech companies like Meta and Google to pay money for Canadian news content. The reaction from the technology industry has largely been negative as they threaten to block news sites for people in Canada once the law goes into effect. However, the Canadian government criticized Meta and Google’s reaction and stated they just want to negotiate and believe the new law would provide some compensation to news networks in Canada. The use of digital advertising has caused a concern. With the rise of the internet, digital news has caused local newspaper outlets to lose revenue. Supporters of the law say that this law can help save the newspaper industry in Canada while people outside the country believe it will not be transparent and could open the door to more chaos and conflicts. At least $300M is expected to flow in the industry with this law at an annual rate. It’s been estimated that hundreds of news outlets and communities have closed in Canada since 2008.


       While many say that the Online News Act would help save journalism in Canada and would help flourish the news industry, many tech giants vehemently disagree with this new law and threaten to ban news stories published in Canada. This law puts big tech and Canada at a high point of tensions within their relationship. Time will tell how Canada, Meta, and Google would work together to deal with the new law taken into effect.


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