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The Grave Concerns Over Discord


Discord is one of the most popular apps in social media. With over 100 million users on the platform, the app has even appealed to young people- especially teenagers and adolescents. What was once known as the child-friendly app has sparked controversy in recent weeks with the danger it poses to minors.

In the past few weeks, Discord has been into controversy as the social media app has been under fire as many people have taken advantage of the app to lure underaged people. It is very possible for minors to engage with adults without them knowing. This has caused major concerns for parents. There have been reports of minors communicating with grown men on Discord. Such forms of communication have emboldened child predators into luring children and trying to make kids withdrawn from society. Many children under the age of 13 are allowed to use the app. Although Discord has ensured in making sure their app is safe and moderates content shared on the app, the platform does not monitor information shared on all servers. Child Sex Abuse Material significantly increased from 2021 to 2022, a troubling sign for the social media app that allows people as young as thirteen to use the platform. Discord has faced criticism for its relatively slow-response to complaints.

Typically, volunteers moderate the servers on Discord. 

Nonetheless, Discord is taking steps to minimize the dangerous behavior. The app has partnered with Thorn, an anti-child predator technology company, that works to detect predatory behavior. The app has took its own steps to make the platform a safer place for children. Although there is some progress for Discord to help make the app a safe place for children, there needs to be action taken to ensure that child predators do not succeed in luring children. The concerns over children being lured cannot be ignored, and such issues must be taken seriously as these events can lead to serious life-altering circumstances.



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