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The Rise of Student Entrepreneurship: How High School Students Are Making Their Mark in the Business World

In recent years, a new wave of entrepreneurial spirit has been sweeping through high schools, as students are embracing their creativity, ambition, and innovative ideas to launch their own businesses. This article, aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs, explores the inspiring rise of student entrepreneurship and highlights a couple of success stories that exemplify the impact young entrepreneurs can make in the business world.


Mike Kittredge, the founder of Yankee Candle, started his journey as a student entrepreneur. In 1969, when he was just 16 years old, Mike decided to make a special Christmas gift for his mother. Using melted crayons and other materials, he created a homemade candle in their family’s kitchen. The result was a beautifully scented and crafted candle that captivated his mother’s attention and sparked a business idea. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Mike Kittredge began creating more candles and selling them to family, friends, and neighbors. His unique candles gained popularity, and demand quickly grew. With the support and encouragement of those around him, Mike decided to turn his hobby into a business: the well known Yankee Candle Company, an American company that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of scented candles, candle accessories, and home fragrance products. As of 2022, Yankee Candle earned $844 million in revenue (Zippia) and is one of the leaders in the scented candle industry.


Fraser Doherty, a Scottish high school student, turned his passion for making jam into a thriving business called SuperJam. Using his grandmother’s secret jam recipes, Fraser started selling jars of jam at local farmers’ markets and shops. As demand grew, he successfully secured contracts with major supermarkets, leading to international distribution. Fraser’s entrepreneurial journey made him a millionaire by the age of 20, and he continues to inspire young entrepreneurs with his success story.

Key Factors Driving Student Entrepreneurship:


a. Accessible Resources: Today, high school students have greater access to resources that facilitate entrepreneurship. Online platforms, crowdfunding, and mentorship programs provide guidance, networking opportunities, and funding options, empowering students to transform their ideas into viable businesses.


b. Digital Connectivity: The interconnectedness of the digital world enables students to reach a global audience, market their products or services effectively, and learn from successful entrepreneurs through online communities and social media platforms.


c. Supportive School Environments: Many schools now recognize the importance of fostering entrepreneurial skills and offer courses, clubs, and incubator programs that encourage students to explore and develop their business ideas.


d. Passion for your business: Many businesses, as mentioned above, are started as a hobby. Very few people start a business which they intend to make millions or billions from. However, the entrepreneurs’ passion to continue working on their business and make steady progress is what drives any enterprise to the top.


The rise of student entrepreneurship is an exciting trend that demonstrates the creativity, resilience, and determination of today’s high school students. As showcased by Kittredge and Fraser’s success stories, young entrepreneurs are making their mark in the business world, creating innovative solutions, and driving positive change. I hope that their journeys inspire and encourage you to embrace your entrepreneurial aspirations, paving the way for a future generation of visionary business leaders.

By providing the necessary resources, cultivating supportive environments, and celebrating student achievements, the entrepreneurial spirit in high schools can be nurtured, empowering students to pursue their dreams and leave a lasting impact on the business landscape.

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